About Door Installation

Door Installation

Q. How do I decide which door is right for me?
A: You need to narrow your choices down to those that can meet your needs. There are a few key things to consider before deciding on an entry door or door system:

  •   Do you prefer a painted or stained finish?
  •   How much exposure to the elements (e.g., sun, rain) does your door see?
  •   How long will you be staying in your home?
  •   What style is appropriate for both the home and neighborhood you live in?
  •   What are your budget concerns?

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Q: What exactly is a “prehung” door?
A: A prehung door is simply a door that has been hinged and attached to a new jamb or frame prior to being installed into the opening. It is usually prepared for the lock set and may also include other items such as a sill, weather stripping, exterior trim and door stops.
Q: What is a “prefit” or “retrofit” door?
A: A pre-fit door is a door that has been properly sized, beveled, machined for hinges and bored for a lock set to fit into a door jamb or frame that is already installed in the opening. Usually this is done by “matching” the existing door’s measurements, provided it fits the opening properly.
Q: I am replacing my existing doors. Is it better to use “pre-hung” or “pre-fit” doors?
A: Whether or not to use pre-hung doors depends upon a few things:

  •   First, are you replacing the door casings as well
  •   What shape are the existing jambs in; are they scratched or dented
  •   Do all your doors currently fit well and operate properly

If any of the above conditions exist, using pre-hung doors would probably be a better choice.

If, however,

  • You are only changing the doors and not your door casings
  • Your jambs are in good shape
  • Your doors are all fitting properly

…then using a pref-it door is usually a practical solution.