About Window Installation

Frequently asked questions about Windows and Window Installation

Q: Which type of window is the right one for me?
A: Before determining which type of window you should purchase, there are a number of issues to consider first:
  •   The age and style of the house, the desired look and operation of the new window, and your budget.
  •   Aluminum frame windows are attractive to those who want maximum daylight and minimal cost.
  •   Vinyl frame windows are a good choice for those who like the look and feel of wood windows at a more affordable price.
  •   Wood windows are a good choice for the discriminating homeowner as they provide superior energy savings and aesthetic beauty.
  •   There are a number of possible window manufacturers, each varying in price and quality.
Q: Do I need argon inside my insulated glass?
A: There is no question that argon gas performs better than plain air in insulated double pane glass. However, because it is invisible, and by normal means undetectable, there is no way of knowing whether you are getting what you are paying for. Considering the moderate climate of the area we live in along with the fact that argon gas will dissipate over time, our recommendation is to not fret over it. In some cases it is a very nominal charge for the addition of argon gas and in others it is automatically included.

Q: How do I measure for new windows?
A: The handyman should be the one taking final measurements for ordering new windows. On new construction windows, rough opening dimensions are required. On retrofit windows, daylight openings are needed. The daylight opening is the opening within the existing window frame after glass has been removed.
In all cases, the width comes before the height (Example: 36″ wide x 48″ high). Crude or nominal dimensions can be taken for quoting purposes on aluminum and vinyl windows, since these windows are exact custom sizes. You need actual rough opening measurements for an accurate quote on wood windows. Your handyman will easily answer any of your questions about windows and windows installation.

Q: What exactly is a “clad” wood window?
A: A clad wood window is a wood window that has a protective exterior surface or “cladding” engineered into the window design. Generally this is painted aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass; they are available in many color choices.

Q: What is a “retrofit” window?
A: A retrofit window is a new window that is ordered to fit within the existing window frame opening. Proper installation of a retrofit window requires that the perimeter of the existing window frame be left intact, thus not disturbing the existing moisture barrier on the exterior of the home.