Kitchen Remodels

Most people begin a kitchen remodeling project with a “wishlist” – everything you NEED and WANT in your dream kitchen. At Rusty Nail Renovations, we pride ourselves on being the kitchen remodel handyman problem solvers.  To help start your wish list, our kitchen remodel handyman specialists have developed this handy A-to-Z guide of features you’ll want to consider as you plan and budget for your project:

Appliances In Your Kitchen: Research appliance makes and models. Your choices will impact the design of your kitchen and your budget. Click the link below to find Rusty Nail Renovations Handyman approved links for kitchen remodels and all your other Handyman needs.

  •   Built-ins In Your Kitchen. Make a list of items you would want built into the design of your kitchen remodel and share it with your handyman. Your handyman can be a very useful resource when it comes to planning this out for your kitchen remodel. Appliances now are made in counter depth sizes to fit into standard cabinetry. Other types of built-ins to consider are banquettes for breakfast areas and appliance garages to house microwave ovens, coffee makers and mixers. Don’t forget to factor in a broom closet if your space allows for it. All this and more can be factored in to your kitchen remodel with the help of a trusted handyman at Rusty Nail Renovations.
  •   Cabinets and Countertops for your Kitchen. You can either visit showrooms in person to identify the type of cabinets and countertops you want to use in your project or you can go to our helpful links page and use our recommended vendors showrooms. Note the line, style, material, color and finish for cabinets and type of material, edging and colors for counter-tops. If you have questions, our trust handyman professionals are here to answer any questions you may have about cabinets and counter tops or anything else to do with your Kitchen Remodel. Click the link below for our recommended vendor and links page.
  •   Drawers and Desk Areas in your Kitchen. Pull-out drawers are great for under-countertop storage. Check them out when you visit showrooms or through our recommended vendors that have virtual showrooms. Many kitchens feature a desk area for a computer and for doing paperwork such as bill paying or meal planning. On the desk you could add a charging station for cell phones and PDAs.
  •   Electronics in your Kitchen. In addition to appliances, computers and flat screen televisions have found a home in the kitchen. Think about adding these to your space along with a cable service when hiring a handyman to help plan your kitchen remodel..
  •   Flooring in your Kitchen. Flooring in kitchens includes wood, ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, concrete and carpet. Other materials used are granite, bamboo and marble. Flooring should not only be attractive but easy to maintain and practical. Go to showrooms and read product reviews when planning your kitchen remodel with your handyman.
  •   Galley or Gathering Space in your Kitchen. Think about the space in your home. An efficient galley is a wonderful idea for your kitchen remolding project with your handyman. Galleys are a great asset for food prep for a serious cook while space for informal meals and family gatherings is important to households with children and for those who like to entertain. To achieve extra space you may have to extend the kitchen during the remodeling by adding an addition or reconfiguring an underused dining or living room in your plan.
  •   Hardware in your Kitchen. Select hardware that is attractive, easy to clean and fits within your budget. If you’re planning to live in your home for a long time consider easy to use products like cup shaped pulls on drawers and lever handles on doors where appropriate. “Universal Design” ideas can be implemented in your  kitchen remodeling project to create a space that can be used over the course of the lifetime that you own your home.
  •   Islands and Peninsulas in your Kitchen. Islands and peninsulas are the work stations of any great kitchen are worth taking a second looking when remodeling your kitchen with your handyman. Generally they are designed for food prep, informal dining and storage.
  •   Jewels of the Kitchen. “Jewels” of a kitchen are items you add for aesthetics like pendant lighting, glass cabinets, custom tiles on backsplashes and areas for display of collections. These custom remodel additions make wonderful accents to any dream kitchen. Talk to a kitchen remodeling handyman specialist today!
  •   Kitchen Triangle. The kitchen triangle considers the placement of the stove, refrigerator and sink/dishwasher area in the design of a kitchen remodel so that a cook can work efficiently.
  •   Lighting in your Kitchen. Lighting is essential to the function of a kitchen and while you’re planning your kitchen remodel with your handyman, careful consideration must be made to give your dream kitchen the right touch. In your plans consider natural sunlight if possible to save on energy costs. If your kitchen needs more sunlight, consider skylights and sun tunnels. Your kitchen remodeling plans should also take into account lighting over work and dining areas and under cabinets. Options for lighting include florescent, halogen and LED. Fixtures to consider for the kitchen are pendant lights, under cabinet units and recessed lights. Your kitchen remodeling handyman specialist can show all these options and more with a free estimate.
  •   Moldings in your Kitchen. Moldings add architectural interest to a kitchen but also finish off cabinetry, doors and flooring. Pay attention to ornamental moldings when you are looking at photos of kitchens and ask your kitchen remodeling handyman specialist for his or her recommendations.
  •   Nooks in your Kitchen. Nooks or alcoves are recessed areas of a room that can be used for dining or displays. They not only add interest to a dream kitchen remodel  but also provide functional space.
  •   Outlets in a Kitchen. Add extra outlets to your wish list. If you don’t, you’ll wish you had considered the height and placement of outlets as well as the number to include when you operate small appliances and gadgets in your kitchen.
  •   Pantry, Pull-out Storage. There is nothing more frustrating than reaching into the recesses of cabinets to find food, pots and pans and dishware. Look for drawers and cabinets that provide easy access to these items. Take the time to factor this essential item in your new kitchen remodeling project.
  •   Quick Access. Consider adding carousels, commonly referred to as Lazy Susan’s, to corner cabinets for spice and food storage. Under cabinet trash disposal and recycling pullouts should be included in your kitchen remodeling plan.
  •   Recipes and Cookbooks in your Kitchen. Plan areas to organize cookbooks. Computerize your recipe files. Here’s a tip for cherished family recipes – frame them; a favorite recipe in your grandmother’s handwriting will be treasured for generations.
  •   Sinks in your Kitchen. Sinks are the most important fixture of a kitchen. Choose them wisely. Consider depth, faucet styles, utility and ease of cleaning. Don’t forget to select a waste disposal. If you have children, choose a waste disposal with safety features.
  •   Tiles in your Kitchen. Floor and backsplash tiles can be used very creatively. If you are using tile on the floor, consider non-skid products. When you’re choosing tiles, don’t forget to select the grout as well.
  •   Under Counter Appliances and Storage. If you are adding additional refrigerator space consider installing a beverage refrigerator under a counter. A mixer can be stored in base cabinets with a pop-up shelf to free counter space.
  •   Ventilation in your Kitchen. When selecting cooktops and ovens consider ventilation. Ventilation hoods come in a range of styles and some cooktops use down-draft ventilation. Your choice should be factored into your kitchen remodeling design.
  •   Wet Bars and Wine Storage. A space dedicated to beverage storage and glassware is always a plus in a kitchen.
  •   Extra Ideas for your Kitchen. A kitchen remodeling project is a big investment. Take the time to read product reviews especially when it comes to appliances and consumer information about kitchen remodeling projects. Read what others are saying. Sources you may want to check out are Better Homes and Gardens’ Kitchen Bath Ideas, HGTV Kitchens and our Kitchens Gallery.
  •   Your Personal Touches to make it your Kitchen. Choose colors fabrics, wall decorations, kitchen collections and other items that reflect your likes, interests and lifestyle. Your Kitchen Remodeling Handyman specialist will help your kitchen fantasy’s come to life!
  •   Zone. When you put together the plan for your kitchen think about the way you want to use your space and plan around “zones” for food prep, clean up, dining, storage, baking, beverages, paperwork etc. The National Kitchen and Bath Association offers an online “Kitchen and Bath Workbook” to help you plan your project along with your kitchen remodeling handyman specialist from Rusty Nail Renovations.